About kiClarity

kiClarity is Kachina Abeita's signature approach to somatic re-education and movement therapy using the Feldenkrais Method®.

ki is ch'i energy, the vital life force.

Clarity of intention invites freedom of choice and optimal use of ch'i.

kiClarity offers keys to develop your minds ability to teach your body and

As we improve the organization of our skeletal structure our energy flows better, we improve our relationship with gravity and we are freer to express a state of wellness.

kiClarity movement reeducation and therapy helps you through

Know your options - Make better choices - Be free of pain - Choose improvement

Whether it is a subtle movement of ki/ energy or the mechanical movement of skeletal action it is essential that there is clarity in communicating one's intention into action. For this thinking, sensing, feeling and acting must come into harmony.

When there is pain, dysfunction, or disability we seek help. The ability to discern which level of human functioning needs to be improved is an art and a science.

Bridges or connections exist between the subtle and the gross elements of the human body/mind.Traveling the inner bridges from energy flows, or fluid congestion, muscle constriction, or skeletal misalignments to excess or misfiring of neurological signals is the art and science at work through Kachina Abeita's knowing touch. The inquisitiveness of a detective, the intuitiveness of a sculptress, the keen observations of a mechanical engineer and the compassion of a caring heart are the qualities alchemized in her work.

Who can benefit from kiClarity?